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About Us

Activated Group began in 2003 when, in an effort to combat childhood obesity, we set about creating a physically challenging program that we could run in primary schools.  We wanted a program that would keep the students 100% active 100% of the time for at least 40 minutes.  We also wanted to make sure the kids were having a huge amount of fun, and the teachers and parents knew they were safe!  Most of all we wanted the students to learn how much fun it is move and that their bodies are capable of so much!  Hence the School Gymnastics program was born.  Since that time, we have steadily grown every single year expanding to all areas of Australia and employing over 200 coaches.  In 2006 we expanded our programs to include the Australian School Dance program and in 2020 we launched the hugely popular School Cheer program.   


We are so proud of all that we have achieved and all that we hope to achieve over the next 20 years!

Our Programs

A key element of our success is a genuine desire to improve the quality of life for all people.  We know that joy of movement developed during childhood can have a positive effect on the quality of life for adults.  We also know that programs like ours which challenge students, help build their resilience and self-confidence which is so important to a healthy mind and body. 

Our Team

Expertise is the key to our success.  Our Team of PDHPE specialists, National Cheer Choreographers and Australian Dance professionals continually review, create and align our programs to ensure that we are always developing the most relevant and fun programs that align with what schools need and want.  Our brilliant coaches are the best available in the industry - guaranteed.  Not only are they excellent coaches they have all been rigorously trained on behaviour management strategies and how to work successfully in schools.  

Activated Group - Getting the world Activated!

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