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Cancellation Policy

Activated Group understands that often unforeseen circumstances arise that means that for whatever reason you need to cancel your booking. If you wish to cancel your program we will charge you 10% of the total booking fee. However - you do need to provide at least one full school term's notice. To clarify, as an example, if you have a program booked for Term 3, then we would need you to cancel in the first week of Term 2.

For bookings for Term 1 of the school year, the booking needs to be cancelled by the end of the first week in Term 4 of the previous school year. If this notice period is not given and you wish to cancel, our cancellation fee will be the full cost of the program. If you book your program within the notice period and then wish to cancel, the full cost of the program will be payable.


Covid 19

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Activated Group has implemented the following policies regarding cancellations. 

1.  All schools who booked for Term 2 2020 but need to cancel because of the pandemic,  will be given the opportunity to transfer their booking, with no cancellation fee to Term 3 or Term 4 of 2020.  If a school is unable to re-schedule to a term in 2020 then the 10% cancellation fee will be imposed if they re-book for 2021.

2.  If the school is unable to reschedule, then, as per the Terms and Conditions of our bookings, the school will be invoiced for the full cost of the program. 

3.  Any sessions missed in Term 1 2020 because of the pandemic will be made up at no additional cost to the school at any time during 2020. 

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