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Funding and Grants


There are a huge variety of grants and funding offered throughout Australia by various community, business and government organisations that you may be able to access to support your school's costs in running one of our programs. We would like to point out however, before you go down this path, our programs are VERY AFFORDABLE! In fact, the cost per student is less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week! That's right! We charge a very reasonable per class price. You simply need to divide the amount by the number of students in the class or school and you get a very reasonably priced program. Generally this averages out to be $4.00 per week.


Sporting Schools


During 2016 the Australian Government made funding available through the Australian Sports Commission, called Sporting Schools. This funding is designed to connect Australian students with a sporting activity. This funding is only available for selective sports and managed through the sport's national body. For Gymnastics, Gymnastics Australia is the national body and the product that they have produced for delivery under the Sporting Schools Funding is the Launchpad program. It is our understanding that Launchpad is an introductory and elementary program that does not utilize any apparatus. School Gymnastics is not prepared to deliver these programs. Our programs are specialized and comprehensive gymnastics programs that are run by fully accredited coaches with a huge variety of equipment.

If you have funding under Sporting Schools grant please contact us for ideas on how to use the funding.

Sporting Schools grants also do not cover dance programs.


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